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COVID-19, We’re Terminating You

Lily Chang © 2020   Yesterday, our mayor declared, joining the rest of the world, like we cared. Effective today, we're to stay home. People want pity for wanting to roam. The truth is, we've done too little, too late, the death of ever many could be our fate. I'm no scientist, certainly no epidemiologist.… Continue reading COVID-19, We’re Terminating You

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Proscribe Perfect

Yesterday, I had heard a guy share a bit about how he came to be at the church he's currently attending. He talked about some difficulties in finding a good fit. At one point, he said, "My wife has Tourette's [Syndrome], and I wrestle with playing well with others." That statement spoke volumes to me.… Continue reading Proscribe Perfect

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Shut your trap! Watch and listen.

I grow weary of hearing people talking like they're experts on everything. They end up trying to make crap, you know rubbish, appear fragrant, wise, and helpful. Do you know what I mean? *** There's a lot to be said for watching and listening. But, that means keeping the mouth shut, suspending (decisive) judgment, and… Continue reading Shut your trap! Watch and listen.