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Writing and Painting Parallel Processes

I've been told that my painting process parallels my writing (fiction) process. So, take a look at the stages of my most recent painting. So, won't you please describe what my writing process looks like?

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Being True and Good to Ourselves

In the previous post, Who We Were Meant to Be, I talked about how we should be spending the first part of our lives growing, listening, and learning. We undergo changes, kind of like the  stages leading up to a butterfly. After undergoing metamorphosis, it's time to figure out who we are. Each of us… Continue reading Being True and Good to Ourselves

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Finding My Artist’s Voice, Being Me

What compelled me to pick up watercolor paints and brushes a few years ago was an unforgettable experience at the oral surgeon's office. While the doctor was shoving bone back into place and splinting my teeth, I flashed an image of a butterfly against a bright blue and magenta background. Even after he said he… Continue reading Finding My Artist’s Voice, Being Me

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Seeking Sweetness in a Storm

You would have thought I had asked who had stolen the Mona Lisa, by the explosive storms that raged, when I asked a simple, seemingly benign question. Noise pollution -  filled with lies, accusations, and deceit - cluttered the air. Nothing of any significance had been stolen. Nothing. Nothing! These attacks were about an empty box… Continue reading Seeking Sweetness in a Storm


Gaby, Hair Color Specialist

Yesterday, I did a photo shoot for a friend who's a color specialist at Attitudes and Hair. And, I decided Gaby's work as a Color Specialist would be a great start for showcasing artists. My desire is to share artists' pieces here, whether in process or in final form, so we can encourage one another… Continue reading Gaby, Hair Color Specialist